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A Rocha Canada: Brooksdale Environmental Centre

volunteers removing invasive plants near creek

A Rocha Canada, part of an international Christian conservation organization, builds bridges between people and their local environment through hands-on involvement in conservation projects, community gardens, sustainable agriculture, multi-generational ecological education, and scientific research.

The Little Campbell River has just been named one of BC’s top twelve endangered rivers by the Outdoor Recreation Council. We have been blessed to find a home on the Little Campbell River at 16th and 192nd; we call it A Rocha’s Brooksdale Environmental Centre. We work our commitment to this local ecosystem through hope and the joy of preserving what has been entrusted to us.

We have conducted restoration work on the river and surrounding riparian areas, which are important habitats for local bird populations and spawning salmon (Click to see this short video of Salmon making their way up the Little Campbell River). To better understand and monitor this valuable ecosystem, we carry out conservation science research projects. Projects include rare plant and animal surveys, biodiversity surveys, species counts, restoring native habitat and ecosystem mapping. Sharing our research, networking with others, and building partnerships are an important part of successful stewardship.

A Rocha’s Brooksdale Centre is open from Tuesday until Saturday. We have guided tours along river trails and Volunteer Days on the second Saturday of every month. Please email before you come.

To learn more about our environmental education programs and our sustainable agriculture work, please check out othe arocha website.

If you would like to connect with our conservation projects along the river email Christy Juteau.

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