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Housing & Homelessness in Surrey

Illustrated row of houses

The Social Plan, adopted by Council in 2006, identifies ‘housing and homelessness’ as priority issues. Throughout the region, housing affordability is becoming an increasing challenge, and homelessness is on the rise. Affordable, appropriate and safe housing for everyone is a cornerstone of a healthy community.



Housing Continuum
With Support
No support
Emergency Shelter
Transitional &
Supportive Housing
Non-market Rental
Purpose-built & Secondary Market Rental
Home Ownership
Very low income
Low Income
Moderate Income
Above Moderate Income
High Income

Homelessness in Surrey

Surrey's Master Plan for Housing the Homeless identifies and respond to the needs for long-term housing and support for homeless people, or at-risk of becoming homeless. Learn more about Surrey's homeless population and the City's Plan.

Affordable Housing in Surrey

The City’s actions on affordable housing focus on non-market and market rental housing, as well as entry-level home ownership. Learn more about affordable housing in Surrey.

Community Services

Get access to free or low-cost community services in Surrey, including housing and homelessness resources.