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Council Reports on Community Development & Inclusion

Class of volunteers in the Partners in Parks community program.

See Council action and comments relating to community development and inclusion in Surrey. These Council reports, going back to 2005, coordinate with our social planning priority of continuing our community development and inclusion.

Community Development Council Date
Surrey Urban Aboriginal Social Innovation Strategy Sept. 28, 2015
City Awards Program May 2, 2011
Neighbourhood Small Grants Program - A partnership with the Vancouver Foundation Apr. 18, 2011
Food Security Initiatives in Surrey – Delegation from the Food Action Coalition Nov. 24, 2008
Action for Neighbourhood Change Project June 27, 2005


Social Sustainability Council Date
Surrey Social Sustainability Charter Progress Report for 2012 May 28, 2013
Sustainability Charter Implementation - Indicators and Targets Dec. 13, 2010


Bonus Density Policy Council Date
City of Surrey Economic Investment Action Plan – Implementation Measures Apr. 20, 2009
Density Bonus Reserve Fund July 28, 2008
Revisions to the Interim Bonus Density Policy No. O-54 for the City Centre and Guildford Town Centre Areas Feb. 25, 2008
Interim Bonus Density Policy Oct. 1, 2007


Community Service and Other Uses in City Centre (Business License Requirements) Council Date
Amendments to the Surrey Zoning By-law to Regulate the Location of Small-Scale Drug Stores in the City July 30, 2008
Business License Requirements for Community Service Uses in the City Centre July 28, 2008
Community Impact Statement – Surrey House of Grace Society -13557 King George Highway May 8, 2006
Community Impact Statements Prior to the Establishment of New Community Service Uses in the City Centre May 18, 2005


Literacy Council Date
Learning for Life Strategy May 9, 2011


Poverty Reduction Council Date
Update on the Implementation of the Surrey Poverty Reduction Plan Apr. 27, 2015
Surrey Poverty Reduction Plan: "Low Cost and Free: Resources  Feb. 3, 2014
Poverty Reduction Plan for the City of Surrey July 9, 2012
Update on the Development of a Poverty Reduction Plan Apr. 23, 2012


Refugees and New immigrants Council Date
Update on the Surrey Local Immigration Partnership Year One Activities July 13, 2015
Update on the Surrey Local Immigration Partnership Feb. 2, 2015
Update on the Surrey Welcoming Communities Program & Local Immigration Partnership May 12, 2014
Welcoming Communities Action Plan Apr. 8, 2013
Welcoming Communities Program in Surrey Jan. 28, 2013
Supporting the Settlement and Integration of Refugees in Surrey – Enhancing the Current Strategy July 23, 2012