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IBM Smarter Cities Challenge

IBM Smarter Cities graphic

In 2012, the City of Surrey was one of only two Canadian cities to win a $400,000 grant from IBM.

As part of the grant, Surrey gained access to IBM’s top experts who analyzed and offered their Smarter Cities Challenge Report of Recommendations on how Surrey can improve growth strategies, service delivery, community engagement, and efficiencies.

About the Smarter Cities Challenge program

The IBM Smarter Cities Challenge is a 3-year competitive grant program in which IBM is awarding a total of $50 million worth of technology and services to 100 municipalities worldwide through 2013.

During these engagements, IBM's technical experts, researchers and consultants immerse themselves in local issues and offer a range of options and recommended next steps. Among the issues they examine are:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Safety
  • Social services
  • Transportation
  • Sustainability
  • Budget management
  • Energy

IBM's consultants and technology specialists will help municipalities analyze and prioritize their needs, review strengths and weaknesses, and learn from the successful strategies used by other cities worldwide.

After studying the role that intelligent technology might play in uniting and advancing different aspects of city life, IBM then outlines a range of concrete strategies designed to help make cities healthier, safer, smarter, more prosperous, and attractive to current and prospective residents and businesses.

For more info on the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge grants, please visit