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Poverty in Surrey: The Plan

Young mother with her two children on her lap.

Poverty Reduction Plan

The Poverty Reduction Plan provides a comprehensive set of recommendations to work towards the eradication of poverty in Surrey. The Plan was developed as a part of the Poverty Reduction Project.

The Plan is focused on policy areas rather than vulnerable population groups. This way we can make a difference for all low-income people. The Plan includes 19 priorities and 75 recommendations. It is primarily focused on specific actions that the City of Surrey and local community groups can take to tackle poverty.

The four key policy areas are:

  1. transportation
  2. housing
  3. income
  4. support


The Poverty Reduction Plan was endorsed by Council in July 2012. The process was a collaborative effort between Vibrant Surrey, SPARC BC, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research: Community Learning and Engagement (CIR:CLE)  at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and the City of Surrey.

The Surrey Poverty Reduction Coalition (SPRC) was established in October 2012 to mobilize the community and oversee implementation of the Surrey Poverty Reduction Plan.

Community Engagement

The development of the Plan included two large community forums.

The first forum was held in March 2012 to develop the Plan. Stakeholders were consulted on strategies and actions that should be included in the Surrey Poverty Reduction Action Plan.

The second forum called Let's Make THIS Happen was held in November 2013. This forum focused on implementation. It gathered people from the community who want to learn about and work with others to reduce poverty in Surrey.