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Tree Care

An aerial view of cherry blossoms in Surrey

Find out what you can do to maintain trees on your private property, and learn how we're caring for Surrey's street trees. Proper tree care is very important to improve and maintain the health of our trees for years to come.

Not sure of what kind of care your private property tree needs? Consult a certified arborist or other trusted source, like the International Society of Arboriculture . If you're looking to remove a tree, understand and stick to the Tree Cutting Permit guidelines.

Not sure of what kind of care your City-planted street tree needsCall us at 604-501-5050, or make a request to speak to an arborist.

Boulevard trees need water too! Water your boulevard trees regularly during the summer to keep them healthy and lush. Watering boulevard trees during Stage 2 Watering Restrictions is permitted when using a hand-held, spring-loaded shutoff nozzle.

Surrey's tree watering bag program

Tree Watering

Learn tips and tools to keep your trees healthy all summer long.

A saw cutting through a tree branch.

Tree Pruning

Learn how to determine tree ownership, and view the laws and regulations for tree pruning in Surrey.

Tree Well

Tree Wells

Make a tree well. It's easy and helps keep your trees healthy.

Communtiy Tree Planting

Tree Planting

Discover the environmental and financial benefits to having healthy, beautiful trees in your yard.