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Electric Vehicles in Surrey

Electric Vehicle and Level 3 Charging Station

The cost of fully charging your electric vehicle can be less than $2 (based on 2011 US Department of Energy estimates). With present technology, gasoline fuelled vehicles cost at least 5 times more to drive per kilometre than electric vehicles. 

The average range for most electric vehicles (EVs) is 120 kilometres, making EVs perfect for commuting and short trips. Longer trips are possible with a network of charging stations at key destinations, a vision that the City of Surrey is working towards with the Province and Regional governments.

90% of electricity generated in British Columbia is clean energy, making EVs a viable option for reducing our community's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Surrey

Publically accessible EV charging stations are critical to supporting the uptake of electric vehicles in the region - and the City of Surrey is plugging in!

Check out a map of Surrey's alternative vehicle fuelling stations, including our publicly-accessible EV charging station at City Hall and civic facilities throughout the City. You can also explore PlugShare for a map of all publically accessible EV charging stations in the region.

We were the first major Canadian city to provide a publicly accessible, free Level 2 electric vehicle charging station at City Hall, and were 1 of only 4 cities in the country to receive the prestigious Fleet Gold Ratingfrom the Fraser Basin Council.

Funding for electric vehicle charging stations

In 2012, the City received a $56,000 grant in Provincial funding to implement 15 new Level 2 EV charging stations. The funding was part of the $2.74 million invested into the Community Charging Infrastructure Fund which supports local governments, public institutions, and businesses to install up to 570 new EV charging stations across BC.

In March 2013, the City installed 6 of the new EV charging stations at several City recreation centres and libraries, as well as facilities like the Surrey Art Gallery. The remaining 9 stations were installed early in 2014, with the opening of Surrey's new City Hall. The new level 2 charging stations charge a car in 4 to 6 hours and provide the beginnings of an accessible charging network across the City.

A DC Fast Charge station is also now available at the Surrey Museum, just off Highway 10 and Highway 15. The DC Fast Charge station can fully charge a vehicle in less than 30 minutes, and will be part of the "green highway" that extends from BC to California.

Charging stations are located in places that people park their cars for significant periods of time, such as:

  • Areas of employment density;
  • Areas of high residential density;
  • Areas of high visibility, including iconic destinations;
  • Local retail centres, regional town centres and retail corridors; and,
  • Community destinations such as community or recreation centres.

This new investment complements a City policythat requires all new gas stations to include alternative fuel infrastructure.

Supporting electric vehicles is part of the City’s effort to reduce GHG emissions in Surrey – track our progress on the Sustainability Dashboard!

City fleet piloting green vehicles

We're committed to testing new vehicle technologies, and have diversified our fleet with

  • hybrid
  • electric and
  • compressed natural gas vehicles

We currently have 5 electric vehicles in operation. For each electric vehicle we operates in place of a gasoline vehicle, we save about $1,000/year in fuel costs and reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2500 kg. 

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