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Trout Troop


Join the City of Surrey's Trout Troop by doing a series of trout-themed activities.  

  1. Download and print the Trout Troop Activity Booklet.
  2. Read and learn about the trout of Surrey.
  3. Complete the activities inside the booklet and learn about some of the challenges of being a trout. 
  4. Visit Bear Creek Park and follow the Trout Trail. The signs along the trail will help you solve the 4 riddles about fish habitat. If you cannot visit Bear Creek, follow our Virtual Trout Troop scavenger hunt.
  5. Once you have completed the quests, complete the entry form on the back of the package and ask a parent, guardian to sign it. Once you have submitted your completed form, you will get a Trout Troop button mailed to you.