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Surrey's urban forest in fall

Trees are part of a healthy city. They have numerous social, environmental, and economic benefits, and contribute to improved quality of life for residents and visitors. All of the trees in Surrey (on both public and private property) are a part of Surrey's urban forest.

We protect Surrey's urban forest through the Tree Protection Bylaw and Shade Tree Management Plan.

Get more information about trees located on private property, including tree cutting permits, planting replacement trees and how to get tree vouchers - whichever your option, consider the impact you have on Surrey's urban forest. City Arborists will work with you to make sure we're all working towards tree protection in Surrey.

Learn more about Surrey's urban forest and how you can get involved including planting trees and nominating or sharing a story about a Great Tree.

Large tree on private property.

Trees on Private Property

Find all the information you need on trees on private property in Surrey, including permits, inspections and protection.

An aerial view of cherry blossoms in Surrey

Tree Care

Plant and care for trees in your yard or near your property with these tips and resources.

Little girl with shovel

Tree Programs

Discover, explore and grow Surrey's urban forest with different programs and events happening throughout the year.