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Farmers Markets

Farmers Market

A Farmers Market is an event where vendors make, bake, grow or raise the products they sell, and where the majority of vendors are selling farm products from British Columbia (definition courtesy of the BC Association of Farmers Markets).

Farmers Markets in Surrey

There is currently one Farmers Market operating in Surrey. The Surrey Urban Farmers Market is located at the North Surrey Recreation Centre Plaza at 10275 City Parkway. Summer markets are held outdoors every week on Wednesday from 2 to 6pm, June through October. Check their website for more information.

Benefits of Farmers Markets

When you shop at a Farmers Market, you:

  • talk to the people who grow your food and support local jobs,
  • eat fresher and healthier products,
  • meet your neighbours and participate in community life
  • support sustainable growing practices and the humane treatment of animals,
  • protect our farmland, as well as the biodiversity it supports, and
  • reduce your impact on the environment by choosing products that travel less distance.

If you know of other Farmers Markets in Surrey, we'd like to include them on this webpage so please let us know at