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SaM Action Items

employees enhancing local pond

Action items can be as easy as educating employees about the SaM program, to incorporating best management practices to prevent storm drain pollution from your business operations, or engaging employees to paint 5 storm drains with the iconic ‘yellow fish’ symbol in their business neighbourhood.

Action items are divided into 'Core' or 'Industry-specific'.  Core actions items applicable to any operation and industry-specific action items have been developed to help guide specific industry efforts toward SaM certification.  See the full list of core action items and industry-specific action items.
A minimum of 3 action items must be from the core action items list.  See all the certification level options to determine how many action items are needed per certification level. Loss Prevention Fasteners Action Item

See some examples of other businesses being recognized for similar go-green actions.

Additional References

Legislation and Regulations:

Federal Fisheries Act

BC Environmental Management Act

BC Hazardous Materials Regulation

Surrey By-Law No. 16610 and By-Law No. 16138

More Information on your Nearest Recycling Facility for Different Types of Products:

Recycling Council of British Columbia – Recyclepedia

Product Care

To Find out Which Materials are Designated “Special Wastes” and Require Separate Disposal

BC Ministry of Environment – Waste Management

More Information on Industry-Specific Best Management Practices in English, Hindi, Punjabi, or Tagalog, and Pollution Legislation Requirements

City of Surrey – Water Pollution

More Information on the Salmon Habitat Restoration Program (SHaRP)

City of Surrey – Salmon Habitat Restoration Program

More Information on Spill Response Plans and Prevention Literature

BC Ministry of Environment – Spill Response Documents