Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity in Surrey

We're one of the most diverse municipalities in Canada. We aim to create communities that are both welcoming and inclusive for all people, through respecting and valuing individual differences and recognizing these layers of diversity as value.

This section is designed to help you map and navigate your journey. We've organized the information on diversity and inclusion services to provide all members of our community, including 

  • persons with disabilities,
  • new immigrants,
  • new residents,
  • community leaders, and 
  • community agencies and other partners.

FREE English Conversation Program

Spring classes will be starting in April 2013. Register now!
See more information on the English_Conversation Spring_2013 (PDF. New window.), or contact 604-591-4176.

Diversity Health Fair

Come out for the Diversity Health Fair on May 11, 2013. The event is a free fair, for people of all ages to explore the many health booths, take part in fun activities and watch excellent entertainment.

Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee

Dipawali celebrations at City Hall

The City of Surrey's Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee enhances multicultural harmony, and strengthen and enhances intercultural cooperation in the City of Surrey. 

Councillor Mary Martin is the current Chair of the Committee, with  Councillors Rasode and Steele sitting on the Committee.

Council is interested in ensuring a broad representation of the City’s various ethnic groups and cultures and, on this basis, welcomes applications from those interested in sitting on this Committee.

This Committee has members from various organizations and multi cultural agencies/groups that operate in Surrey. The Committee meets a minimum of 6 times per year. Read the terms of reference, and more on the other City of Surrey committees.

Measuring Up

Summer fun - a fire fighter with a teenager

Surrey Association for Community Living (SACL) and City of Surrey Parks, Recreation and Culture (SPRC) established a Measuring Up Advisory Committee to steer the development of the Plan for Accessibility and Inclusion(PDF. New window.) in the community of Surrey. 

In February 2008, the Surrey Association for Community Living (Website. New window.) engaged the Social Planning and Research Council of BC (SPARC BC) (Website. New window.) on behalf of the Measuring Up Committee, to undertake research for the preparation of a Plan for Accessibility and Inclusion in the community of Surrey.


Welcoming and Inclusive Communities

WIC logo

The primary goal of the WIC Project (Website. New window.) is to support inclusive, welcoming and vibrant communities in Surrey, BC, where

  • immigrants can realize their full potential,
  • racism is eliminated, and
  • cultural diversity is valued and celebrated.