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Community Safety Centre

RCMP officers standing in their uniforms.

The Surrey RCMP, in partnership with the City, Surrey School District and other community partners, is developing an integrated service centre where public safety partners could deliver programming together to educate young people about safety issues.

Stay tuned for updates on the Community Safety Centre throughout 2017 and provide your feedback to on the proposed model.

"Our proposed  Community Safety Centre is similar to other integrated models that have proven successful in public safety. By bringing together key partners in a shared facility, delivering a comprehensive suite of programs and services spanning outreach, prevention and education to early intervention and victim support, we will ultimately serve our community  better" – Johan Brand, Manager RCMP Support Services

The proposed Surrey Community Safety Centre (CSC) facility would improve proactive initiatives that

  • keep people safe,
  • minimize people’s involvement in the justice system (as victims or offenders), and
  • help treat underlying causes of criminal behaviour.

Possible activities at the Surrey Community Safety Centre

The Surrey CSC would be a mixed-use facility. The CSC would support many activities, programs or services put on by participating agencies, including community engagement and outreach,  education and prevention, early intervention, and support.

Activities delivered through the new CSC might include

  • hosted community dialogues and consultation on public safety,
  • educational programs for children and youth,
  • early intervention initiatives (e.g. SMART), as well as
  • restorative justice and social development programs.

Victim support services and youth and parent counseling may also be delivered through the new CSC model.

The Surrey CSC model is in development, as all partners identify funding opportunities and the program design early priorities under the Public Safety Strategy.

Background on the Community/Youth Safety Village model

The Community/Youth Safety “Village” model has been implemented in other parts of North America. Safety initiatives like this typically involve facilities and educational programming designed to deliver safety messages to youth (e.g., grades K to 8) in an engaging and interactive way.

The CSC concept being proposed in Surrey builds on the traditional Safety Village model.

The scope and terms of the new CSC are still being defined, so performance measures and targets for the Centre will be added over time.

Community Safety Centre Partners

  • Surrey RCMP
  • City of Surrey
  • Surrey School District

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