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Water Quality Monitoring

ENG-Water Quality Monitoring

The City of Surrey manages and protects its waterways in our city through long term monitoring programs such as the Adaptive Management Framework (AMF) and the Boundary Bay Assessment Monitoring Program (BBAMP). The programs also promote awareness of stream health, protection of fish habitat and appreciation of the environment.

Adaptive Management Framework (AMF)

The City provides Adaptive Management Framework (AMF) reports to the Ministry of Environment. These reports help us monitor watershed health and identify opportunities to improve the condition of the watershed. The AMF program helps review the success of the Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP), which is a holistic approach to rainwater management. ISMP’s balance environmental protection with land use planning. AMF seeks to evaluate ISMP’s and ensure stability in the stormwater management system. There are 34 AMF monitoring locations throughout Surrey. Watersheds throughout Surrey are examined by city staff to ensure a healthy state by monitoring water chemistry, flow, benthic invertebrates, ISMP implementation, adaptive measures and additional monitoring. See AMF monitoring locations on a map.

Boundary Bay Assessment & Monitoring Program (BBAMP)

The Boundary Bay Assessment & Monitoring Program (BBAMP) is a program where we sample fresh and marine water from the Boundary Bay watershed area. Water is collected from 13 freshwater sites and 3 estuarine sites throughout Surrey. There are 10 additional marine locations which are monitored in partnership with Metro Vancouver. The Boundary Bay watershed is an ecologically important region and includes the southern portion of the Fraser River delta, Little Campbell River, Nicomekl River, Serpentine River and Watershed Creek. See the different BBAMP locations.

BBAMP History

BBAMP was created in 2009. The original purpose of the program was to coordinate individual environmental monitoring under one program through a partnership of local government agencies, NGO’s and First Nations. For more information about Surrey’s part in the BBAMP partnership please contact 604-591-4321 or