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Watershed Models

ENG_Water Table

Teach your class about watersheds and water pollution in an interactive way!

Enviroscape Model

The model is a great aid in discussing overall watershed concepts, through a small waterway connecting to a larger body of water that can represent a lake, bay or ocean. It also demonstrates what non-point source pollution is and the steps that everyone can take to help prevent it.

Kids love pretending to be the pollution impacting the model using food products to represent oil, chemicals, fertilizers, and more! Pollution and runoff are visible on the model when rain falls over the landscape carrying soil, air pollution, chemicals and oil through a watershed to a body of water. The model comes with a simple step-by-step guidebook that takes educators through the activity.

Water Table

It's natural for rivers to always try and change their path. They move large amounts of sediments from one place to the next and the water can slowly take away river banks. Teach kids how to protect a town on the water board by controlling the path of the river with different materials. It's a great way to learn about the qualities of a river.

Getting Started

Call 604-591-4321 or email to book the Enviroscape or the water tables for your class (drop off and pick up of model to school provided). You will have the choice of receiving a 20-minute presentation all about the connection watersheds have to the environment. This can happen when it's a convenient time for your group. You will also be able to borrow the models for up to 2 weeks if you prefer to complete the activity at a different time.