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Newton Sustainability in Action

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We want to hear your ideas for the Newton: Sustainability in Action project!

About the Project

Newton: Sustainability in Action is a neighbourhood-wide pilot project to engage residents in identifying ways to make Newton a more thriving, green, and inclusive community. We want to take the high-level goals of the Surrey Sustainability Charter 2.0 and see what those goals look like at a neighbourhood level.

We are working together to create a sustainable neighbourhood action plan for the Newton neighbourhood, including:

  • Developing neighbourhood goals and outcomes we want to see that connect with the Surrey Sustainability Charter 2.0
  • Identifying what makes Newton a community and the strengths and opportunities around the neighbourhood that will help create a neighbourhood profile.
  • Coming up with sustainable actions and projects residents, households, groups and neighbourhoods can take on by themselves or as group.

Five Phases of the Project

Newton: Sustainability in Action (NSIA) was launched in late spring 2017 and is currently the project is guided by a staff and consultant team and stewarded through the work of a steering committee and stakeholder committee. Various stages of the project have included extensive community engagement and public input in an effort to as accurately as possible reflect the residents of the Newton community.

There are 5 phases to the project:

  • Phase 1: Project Preparation (June - July 2017)
  • Phase 2: Community Vision Development (August - October 2017)
  • Phase 3: Current Reality Assessment (October - November 2017)
  • Phase 4: Action Planning (November 2017 - March 2018)
  • Phase 5: Implementation & Monitoring Strategy (March - April 2018)

We are currently in Phase 4: Action Planning and will be offering opportunities for public input in a number of ways over the coming month.

Get Involved in Phase 4: Action Planning

Help us with the next phase of the project - delving into ideas from the community on what we can do to make Newton a more sustainable community.

We’re looking for your ideas for actions, projects, and initiatives that can be implemented throughout Newton.

Wishing Boxes

We heard your vision for a sustainable Newton, now let's her your ideas for actions! Check out these locations to find a Wishing Box near you:

  • Newton Recreation Centre
  • Newton Library
  • Newton Seniors Centre
  • Strawberry Hill Library

Phase 3 Complete

In looking towards a sustainable future, it's important to take a look at where we're at in Newton currently. The Neighbourhood Profile does just that. With a combination of perspectives around where the challenges and opportunities lie for the community, we've added data collected for Newton and citywide to get a view of how things look today. The Neighbourhood Profile helps put our vision and forthcoming action planning into context and may reveal where more resources and attention are needed. Overall, its an examination of where we're at, so we can monitor and evaluate our progress as we pursue our green, thriving and inclusive community of Newton.

Keep checking back here for more news on where the Newton: Sustainability in Action project is at as we continue to develop our sustainable neighbourhood action plan and discover how you can contribute.

News & Updates

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