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Newton Sustainability in Action

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We want to hear your ideas for the Newton Sustainability in Action Project!

Newton Sustainability in Action Survey

About the Project

Newton Sustainability in Action is a neighbourhood-wide project to engage residents in identifying ways to make Newton a more thriving, green and inclusive community. We want to take the high-level goals of the Surrey Sustainability Charter 2.0 and see what those look like at a neighbourhood level.

We will work together to create a sustainable neighbourhood action plan for the Newton neighbourhood, including:

  • Developing neighbourhood goals and outcomes we want to see that connect with the Surrey Sustainability Charter 2.0
  • Identifying what makes Newton a community and the strengths and opportunities around the neighbourhood  that will help create a neighbourhood profile.
  • Coming up sustainable ways and projects residents, households, groups and the neighbour can take on by themselves or as group.

Get Involved

Share your thoughts! Take our survey for a chance to win awesome prizes.

Newton Sustainability in Action Survey

About Surrey’s Sustainability Charter

Our Sustainability Charter is our community’s shared vision. It is organized into 8 inter-related themes. Each has a distinct goal, desired outcome statements and strategic direction to focus action. It is the City’s overarching policy document, guiding all planning and decision making processes.

The Newton Sustainability in Action Plan will explore the Charter goals and what they mean to Newton. Learn more about the 8 goals of the Sustainability Charter.

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