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Child & Youth Friendly City Strategy

Girls posing at the Kensington Prairie Summer Camp

The Child and Youth Friendly City Strategy identifies actions for the City to take to promote the healthy development of young people, from early childhood, through middle childhood and adolescence.

Our Vision of a Child and Youth Friendly City

  • A community where children and youth are valued community members and actively contribute their time, ideas and perspectives to civic life.
  • A community that promotes social connectedness, where children and youth feel safe, have freedom of movement, green space and opportunities for play and imagination.
  • A community where all children and youth are able to access enriching and engaging programs and services that promote their healthy development regardless of their family’s income or background.

The Strategy focuses on 3 policy and program areas

  • Engagement - Providing opportunities for children and youth to participate in and contribute to civic life.
  • Physical Environment - A natural and built environment that supports the healthy development of children and youth.
  • Civic Services - Recreation, library and cultural services that are framed around the developmental needs of children and youth.

Developing the Strategy

We first conducted a review of research and reports to learn about the concept, and what other cities around the world have done to create a child and youth friendly city. We highlighted this research in Creating a Child and Youth Friendly City: What Does It Mean?.

We consulted over 1000 children and youth, and these young peoples’ ideas and suggestions shaped the later consultations held with City staff and community stakeholders. The results are shown in the Child and Youth Friendly City Strategy Results of Consultations with Children, Youth and Families

View the various reports to Council on the development of our Child and Youth Friendly City Strategy.