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Sustainable Yard & Garden

Create wildlife habitat, avoid pesticides, plant native shrubs and trees, or even grow your own food as your part in a sustainable Surrey.

Make a big difference starting in your own yard and garden. Whether you live on a big property, have a small space, balcony, or something in between, there are steps you can take to reduce your environmental impact.


Growing Native Plants

Introduce native plants and flowers to your garden to reduce your environmental impact, and your time in the yard.

Basket of Veggies

Growing Food

Join your community garden to grow food in Surrey, and create your sustainable garden.

Invasive Plant Infestation

Invasive Plants

Find out about invasive plants in Surrey and alternatives for your garden.

Flowers in bloom in a Surrey display garden.


Find details on Surrey's Pesticide Bylaw, and see how the bylaw applies to you and your land.

Chafer Beetle

Pest Control

Learn what to do if you encounter pests or wildlife issues and what to do to minimize their impacts.

Tree in Darts Hill Garden


Find the information you need on trees in Surrey, including permits, inspections and protection.

Storm drain with yellow fish marker.

Water Pollution

Find out who to contact if you think you might see water pollution.

Shower head

Water Conservation

Find tips on how you can conserve water and minimize your impact on the environment.

Path through a garden

WaterWise Demonstration Garden

Visit the WaterWise Garden, which demonstrates special gardening techniques that conserve water.