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Sustainability Charter

Sustainability Charter 2.0 Vision

Surrey's Sustainability Charter 2.0 is our ambitious 40-year vision for sustainability in Surrey: to become a thriving, green, inclusive city. The Charter guides all City decisions, and outlines what we want for our community as a whole.

Residents, stakeholders, staff and elected officials have helped refresh the Charter to ensure it remains a leading edge document that reflects the values of our community. Support and involvement of all partners in the community, including local businesses, residents and community groups will be vital to achieving the goals and outcomes of the Charter 2.0.

The Sustainability Charter 2.0 will be going to Council for final approval in May 2016.

The 8 themes of sustainability

Charter Icons

The Sustainability Charter 2.0 has eight overlapping themes. The Charter outlines these themes, with our goals, desired outcomes and strategic directions looking to the year 2058 (the original timeframe of the first Charter).

  1. Inclusion: A caring community that encourages a sense of belonging and access to opportunity for all Surrey residents to realize their full potential.
  2. Built environment and neighbourhoods: A beautiful, accessible and well-connected city of distinct and complete neighbourhoods that are walkable, engaging and resilient.
  3. Public Safety: A city in which all people live, work and play in a safe and engaging environment.
  4. Economic Prosperity and Livelihoods: Continued prosperity and thriving livelihoods and a strong, equitable and diverse economy.
  5. Ecosystems: Healthy, protected and well-maintained ecosystems and biodiversity.
  6. Education and Culture: Access to diverse, high quality learning opportunities, and vibrant arts, heritage and cultural experiences for all Surrey residents.
  7. Health and Wellness: A community in which all residents are healthy, active and connected.
  8. Infrastructure: Effective infrastructure and services that meet the current and future needs of the city, while protecting the natural environment and supporting urban growth.

Read through the complete Surrey Sustainability Charter 2.0 to learn more about the goals, desired outcomes, and strategic directions for the City and our partners to move toward the desired outcomes over the shorter term.

As with the Sustainability Charter from 2008, you can watch all progress on our indicators and targets using the City of Surrey Sustainability Dashboard.

Launch the Sustainability Dashboard now

Sustainability Charter 2.0 connected to plans across the City

The Charter is our roadmap for sustainability, and is aligned with plans from across the City, such as the

Sustainability Charter 2008

The City of Surrey's Sustainability Charter establishes a long-term, 50-year vision for a Sustainable City. Our City Council unanimously adopted the Charter in September 2008. We use this key document to guide our policy and decision-making, and to ensure social, environmental and economic factors are always taken into account.

Background on the Surrey Sustainability Charter Update

On September 29, 2008, Council received Corporate Report No. R175;2008, titled "Surrey Sustainability Charter" and approved the Sustainability Charter as the overarching policy document for the City. In partnership with a broad array of community stakeholders, we have made considerable progress on the implementation of the Sustainability Charter since its adoption in 2008. Check out the 2014 Annual Report for a summary of our achievements, then have a look at the City's Sustainability Dashboard, where we continually monitor our progress towards our sustainability goals.

On February 24, 2014, Council received Corporate Report No. R022;2014, titled "Sustainability Charter Update", and approved plans to update the Sustainability Charter to maintain a leadership position in the area of sustainability. Through surveys, interviews, workshops, and public events we engaged over a thousand residents, stakeholders and staff in drafting the new Charter over a two year period. On March 7, 2016, Council received the draft Sustainability Charter 2.0 as part of Corporate Report No. R055;2016, and approved the final round of consultation.

Corporate Reports on the Sustainability Charter

Several Corporate Reports have also gone forward to Council about the Sustainability Charter since it was endorsed: