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Public Safety Strategy Background

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Where we've been and where we're going - Building on the Past

The City of Surrey’s Crime Reduction Strategy (CRS) was adopted in 2006 and officially implemented in 2007.   Over the course of the following 9 years, the CRS became recognized as an award winning and a ground breaking document which effectively moved the City forward as a leader in the area of crime reduction and community safety.

In May 2014, reviews of each of the 106 CRS recommendations was provided at the Community Safety Committee revealing that 90% of the recommendations were achieved (now form part of the City’s or its partner’s core function, were well underway, or were now on-going).  The conclusion of this overview was that the CRS was essentially complete.

After review, recommendations from Mayor and Council were to support the development of the next phase of the Crime Reduction Strategy through the development of a new, broader portfolio.

This process began with the creation of a staffing position to oversee this new direction resulting in the position of Director, Public Safety Strategies being created.  On November 16, 2015, after a lengthy and comprehensive recruitment process, the Mayor’s office announced the appointment of the successful candidate for the new role commencing on December 7, 2015.

Building on current service delivery models, work undertaken in this new approach will focus on enhancing program integration and effectiveness while also identifying and implementing new initiatives that reflect an innovative and progressive approach to public safety.

Learn More about the History of the Crime Reduction Strategy

There are 4 parts, known as strands, that make up Surrey's Crime Reduction Strategy, adopted in 2007.

The Strategy contains 106 recommendations that fall into each of these 4 strands. These strands outline actions and commitments towards achieving results specific to the broad problem solving model known as crime reduction.

Learn more about the goals and 4 strands in the Crime Reduction Strategy. Then, see the updates and achievements in the 2013 Crime Reduction Strategy Progress Report. See earlier crime reduction progress in the 2012 Crime Reduction Strategy Progress Report, 2011 Crime Reduction Strategy Progress Report and the 2007 to 2010 Crime Reduction Strategy Progress Report.

Sustainability Dashboard

Check out the Sustainability Dashboard for public safety-related key indicators and trends including socio-economic status, housing, health and safety and education.

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