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Releaf Tree Planting

April 6 to October 22, 2016

Help grow Surrey's urban forest by planting shrubs and trees in Surrey parks and along boulevards. We'll provide the plants, shovels, and instruction - you just have to bring your love for beautifying our City and enhancing the trees in Surrey!

Since 1991, volunteers have planted over 10,000 trees throughout Surrey. Thousands of volunteers have made an impact, including:

  • Community groups
  • Elementary and secondary schools
  • Local businesses
  • Individuals who care about their environment

Fall Releaf

Girl planting shub

Throughout October, groups are invited to plant native trees and shrubs in Surrey parks. By planting, you'll give wildlife valuable food and shelter, and boost biodiversity in parks and natural areas.

How to get involved: Check out dates and locations for community plantings held on Saturdays in October. Or, request a weekday planting for a park near you by calling 604-501-5158 or Open to schools and community groups of all ages. Space is limited for these planting programs, so contact us early to avoid disappointment!

Spring Releaf

Throughout April, plant shade trees in your neighbourhood or local park to provide shade, improve air quality, and be part of beautifying your City area.

How to get involved: Check out some dates and locations for Neighborhood Tree Care Parties held every Wednesday evening in April. Or, request a planting for a park or boulevard near you by calling 604-501-5158 or Open to schools, community groups, and individuals ages 10 years or older.


Releaf badges

If you lead or are part of a Guide or Scout group, join us for a tree planting and get a Releaf badge for every member of your group. Badges cost $2 per child, including tax.

To learn about other opportunities volunteering with nature and environment, call 604-501-5158 or email us at


Contact: 604-501-5158

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