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Neighbourhood Enhancement Grants

Interested in improving your neighbourhood? Why not work on a small project with your friends, neighbours and family to create fun, beautiful and interesting outdoor spaces and streets in your community.
Apply for the City’s Neighbourhood Enhancement Grant for financial support for your project. You could host a block party, street celebration or local event.

All Surrey residents, community groups, businesses and associations can apply. To qualify for these grants, you must match your grant money with contributions of volunteer labour and services, donated materials and/or cash.

Email to see if your project would qualify.

Check out some great ideas for community projects on this Pinterest board.

See examples of completed community projects to see what Surrey communities have accomplished in the last year or so.

Learn the complete details in the Program Overview and Guidelines.

Grant categories

There are 2 types of grants available through the program:

Small Project Grants (Maximum $3,000)

Apply for a Neighbourhood Small Project Grant to get support planning, organizing and carrying out projects that improve the physical appearance of your neighbourhood.

Here are some examples of projects:

  • Create a neighbourhood garden
  • Landscape a boulevard
  • Clean up a vacant property
  • Plant some flowering trees
  • Create a neighbourhood entrance feature

Celebration & Activity Grants (Maximum $1,000)

Apply for a Celebration & Activity Grant to get support encouraging community activism and celebration.

Check out more details on Hosting a Block Party.


  • Neighbourhood festival or block party
  • Street cleanup day


How to Apply for a Neighbourhood Enhancement Grant

Before you get started, contact to find out if your project will qualify. Describe your project for us briefly in an email. Then, get started in the 5-step Neighbourhood Enhancement Grant application:

  1. Fill out the Small Project Grant Application or Celebration and Activity Grant Application.
  2. Email your completed application to or drop it off at the Parks & Recreation counter at City Hall.
  3. The Grant Committee reviews your application, and makes a decision on approval. We may come back to you with questions and conditions after this review.
  4. Your application goes to Council in a Corporate Report for approval. If your project is approved, we will send you a letter to let you know.
  5. Make your purchases for your project or event and submit your receipts to to receive your reimbursement cheque.