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Fish Programs

Stewards of Salmon and Trout

Fish lovers unite! Use your interest in helping Surrey's streams be healthy places for salmon and trout to live.  You'll become what we call a 'stream steward', which is a person that does their part to care for the natural environment.  There are a variety of programs and activities that you can get involved in to explore this resource we have in Surrey.  Our programs tackle invasive plants, streamside planting and help spread the word on everything from storm drain pollution to what types of salmon and trout live in Surrey. There are also free events and community challenges on the Salmon Marshal Public Programs webpage that you can participate in which can help you find simple ways to help preserve habitat for fish species.

Salmon Habitat Restoration Program (SHaRP)

SHaRP is a student employment program that employs post-secondary and high school students full-time in the summer and fall seasons.  Teams of students complete stream restoration projects throughout the City and participate in community education events that helps promotes salmon care and how to maintain healthy fish habitat in the City. Get involved with SHaRP.

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Salmon Tracks

Painting Salmon Tracks near storm drains is a great way to contribute to safer water ways in Surrey.

Salmon Habitat Restoration Program (SHaRP)

Enhance salmon habitats this summer with Surrey's Salmon Habitat Restoration Program (SHaRP).