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NewCity Design Award

The NewCity Design Awards recognize Surrey's most significant accomplishments in city-building: architecture, landscape, urban design, and infrastructure. 

The NewCity Design Awards are held every three years as part of the overall City Awards program. The other awards in the City of Surrey’s award program include: Green City, Clean Energy City, Beautiful City, Heart in the City, and Heritage

2014 NewCity Design Award – Update & Jury Selection

The Call for Submissions for the 2014 NewCity Design Awards closed on June 27, 2014.  There were a total of 49 submissions in all 8 categories.  The NewCity Design Award Jury met on July 8 and 9 to review all the submissions and shortlist selected projects for more detailed review and a site visit.  After this detailed review, the Jury selected a total of 8 projects for awards, 5 Awards of Excellence and 3 Awards of Merit.  The awards were announced and presented by the Mayor and Council at the City Awards Ceremony held at City Hall on October 22, 2014.

For more information on the 2014 NewCity Design Awards please see the following links:

Award Categories

An independent jury of urban design professionals will select at least one  “Award of Excellence” as well as optional “Awards of Merit” for each of the following categories, recognizing either their individual architectural excellence, their enhancement of the public realm (urban design), or both. To see the submission package, click on the applicable category below:

  1. Residential (Small Scale)
    Single family, coach house, duplex and ground-oriented townhouse developments may be considered.  Projects in this category may be chosen on the basis of the architectural excellence of single units and/or the urban design elegance of their assembly into compact developments.
  2. Residential (Medium Scale)
    Apartment building and stacked townhouse complexes of up to six stories may be considered.
  3. Residential (Large Scale)
    Apartment buildings of 7 stories and higher, and large mixed use projects containing more than 50% residential usages may be considered.
  4. Commercial
    Industrial, office, warehouse, retail and related uses of any size or height.  Mixed use projects containing less than 50% residential usages may be considered.
  5. Government and Institutional
    Projects for any level of government, public agency, educational or health authority, or Crown Corporation. This includes community and health centres, schools and colleges, civic buildings, government facilities, religious buildings, etc.
  6. Landscape, Public Space and Infrastructure
    Public and publicly-accessible open space of any kind, whether stand alone or a component of a larger development (e.g., park, plaza, amenity area, courtyard, atrium, etc.).  Recognition may be given for any aspect of urban infrastructure (bridges, greenways, street furniture, way-finding signage, etc.), or landscape design, whether soft (natural), hard (constructed), or any combination thereof.
  7. Renovation and Adaptive Re-Use
    The interior or exterior renovation of a structure at least 25 years old, recognizing either the conservation of character elements, the design innovation of new components, or both.
  8. Interiors
    For any size or type of building, the design innovation and functionality of newly completed non-residential interior spaces, provided there is at least occasional public access.

Nominate a Project

Anyone can nominate a building or urban space for consideration, if you think it merits consideration, just complete the form below.
All you need is the following basic information:

  • Project address
  • Building category/description
  • Reason for nomination
  • Name of developer and architect (optional)

City staff will review the nomination and invite the project development team to make a detailed submission.

City awards will next be held in 2017- detailed submission instructions will be available in the Spring of 2017.

Submission Instructions

Please send your completed Submission Packages to the City by online form submission only.

The award submission will typically be made by a member of the project development team, e.g., the architect or developer.  To submit an entry for award consideration:

  • Select the category that best describes your project. If you would like your project to be considered under multiple categories, you will need to complete a separate Submission Package for each category.
  • Assemble the required supporting documents (photographs & drawings) into two PDF files; one for photographs and one for drawings. 
  • Assemble the required project and development team information. You will be asked to provide the names of Project Designer/Architect/Landscape Architect and a maximum 300 word project description describing the key features of the project and what makes it unique.
  • You will be able to save your form and return to it later if necessary.
  • All materials submitted will become the property of the City of Surrey and will not be returned. By making an award submission, you are providing consent for the use and publication of the submitted material on the City's website, in printed material and in other presentations, at the City of Surrey's discretion.



Please contact the City of Surrey if you require clarification of the submission requirements or additional information.

Phone: 604.591.4307

Previous NewCity DesignAwards

Find information on the previous 2011 NewCity Design Awards, including the jury bios, jury report, and the list of winners.

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