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NewCity Design Award

The NewCity Design Awards recognize Surrey's most significant accomplishments in city-building: architecture, landscape, urban design, and infrastructure. The New City Design Award will recognize excellence in city building through architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urban design.

There is a separate nomination form for each award category. See specific award category to submit a nomination.

Please refer to our Terms of Reference for more information about this award.

Award Categories

1. Residential (Small Scale) – innovative single family and ground-oriented townhouse developments in multiple building developments, i.e., including small lot single family, single family with coach houses, duplexes, live/work townhouses, stacked townhouses, and other compact forms of housing. Submit a nomination for this award.

2. Residential (Medium Scale) – Apartment building and stacked townhouse complexes with predominantly residential use of up to six storeys. Submit a nomination for this award.

3. Residential (Large Scale) – Apartment buildings of 7 storeys and higher with predominantly residential use, and large mixed use projects containing more than 50% residential uses. Submit a nomination for this award.

4. Commercial – Industrial, office, warehouse, retail and related uses of any size or height, as well as mixed use projects containing predominantly non-residential uses. Submit a nomination for this award.

5. Institutional – Projects for any level of government, public agency, educational or health authority, religious institution or Crown Corporation e.g. recreation or community centres, schools, health care, government agencies, religious, non-profit, etc. Submit a nomination for this award.

6. Landscape, Public Space and Infrastructure – Public or publicly accessible open space, stand-alone or as part of a larger development, i.e., park, plaza, amenity area, courtyard; may be privately or publicly funded.  Landscape design, including both natural (soft) and constructed (hard) elements. Submit a nomination for this award.

7. Renovation and Adaptive Re-Use – The interior or exterior renovation of a structure at least 25 years old. Submit a nomination for this award.

8. Interiors – Non-residential interior spaces for any size or type of building, provided there is at least occasional public access. Submit a nomination for this award.

Nominate a Project

Anyone on the development team may submit a nomination application for an award (e.g., the owner, developer, contractor, architect or landscape architect).

To be eligible, the project must be located in Surrey, completed any time after June 27, 2014 and must match the description for the respective category of development type.

Submission Instructions

All you need initially filled out online is "Contact/consultant information".

A full submission with written description, photos and drawings must be completed by the closing date of June 5, 2017. The written description and the graphic information for the project submitted as PDF files.  Supporting documents may also be hand delivered in electronic format (eg. a CD or USB drive) in the same format as the online submission.

The award submission will typically be made by a member of the project development team, e.g., the architect or developer.

To make a nomination:

Select the category that best describes your project. If you would like your project to be considered under multiple categories and meets the criteria, you will need to complete a separate nomination for each category.
Fill out the fields in the nomination form and attach PDF files of photos and drawings in the online fields. 
All materials submitted will become the property of the City of Surrey and will not be returned. By making an award submission, you are providing consent for the use and publication of the submitted material on the City's website, in printed material and in other presentations, at the City of Surrey's discretion.

Jury Selection /Evaluation Process & Criteria

1. Jury Selection

Evaluation will be carried out by a jury comprised of three urban design professionals including the following with experience, qualifications and recognition for urban design achievements:

  •  a prominent design professional  with extensive experience on larger scale and award winning projects (i.e. architect, landscape architect, planner, urbanist etc.)
  • a local architect with extensive experience on award winning projects
  • a local urban design professional (i.e. architect, landscape architect, planner, urbanist etc.)

2. Staff Liaison and Support

The jury will be supported by designated staff from the Planning & Development Department throughout the awards process to provide background information and clarification regarding the process.  Staff will not express an opinion or vote during the evaluation process.  A qualified consultant will be available to welcome the jury, facilitate the session and to provide opening and closing remarks for the jury session.  The City Architect will be available to provide direction on process throughout and to direct the New City Design Award Coordinator.  An Administrative Assistant from Legislative Services will be present to record the final statements from the jury members for each of the New City Design Award categories.

3. Evaluation Criteria:

Appropriateness of the response to context, understood as their built, natural, social and cultural environments.

  • Response to functional requirements of the users and the public.
  • Quality of the form and character including siting, massing, articulation, fenestration, and exterior finish materials.
  • Design originality, innovative use of materials and textures, visual elegance and beauty.
  • Response to City public objectives and policies.


Please contact the City of Surrey if you require clarification of the submission requirements or additional information.

Phone: 604-591-4301

Previous NewCity Design Awards

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