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Sustainable Development Checklist


We're promoting sustainable development in Surrey through the City's Sustainable Development Checklist (SDC) for Planning and Development applications. 

Enhance the performance of your project by completing the checklist. The earlier you know about these opportunities, the more likely you are able to make decisions that

  • protect your property from natural hazards,
  • enhance the natural features,
  • save resources and money to operate in the long run, and
  • create a healthy place for yourself and future occupants to work and live in.

You will also have the opportunity to be recognized for your efforts and showcase your high performance development projects through the City Awards Program, which celebrates excellence in Design and Community Development.

Stages of the Sustainable Development Checklist

The Sustainability Checklist is separated into 2 parts. These parts are related to 2 distinct stages of the development approval process.

The 2 stages of the Checklist are prepared to accommodate these types of applications:

Stage 1 - Land Use Development Applications

Stage 2- Building Permit Applications (This stage will be coming soon)

  • Council-Approved development proposals that have undergone a STAGE 1 checklist review.

Sustainable Development Checklist Process

There are 5 steps that you, the applicant, will follow in completing the Sustainable Development Checklist process for the Planning and Development Department:

  1. Attend a pre-application meeting with City staff - Development Planner (Stage 1) or Plan Checker (Stage 2) determine if you need to submit a Checklist.
  2. If required, complete a Checklist, and fill in and/or tick off appropriate questions that apply to your particular application.
  3. Submit the completed Checklist (email of PDF or hard copy) to the appropriate City staff, along with a completed land use application (Stage 1) or a building permit application (Stage 2).
  4. Staff in various departments review your completed Checklist and discuss the submission with you, as part of the development application process;
  5. A brief summary of the (Stage 1) project Checklist is attached to Land Use Planning Reports to Council, highlighting the Sustainable Development features of your project.

Your complete checklist will not be attached to Land Use reports with corresponding development applications. However, the Development Planner will summarize and highlight specific aspects of the Checklist for Council in the “Sustainability Features” section of the Council report.

See the detailed Stage 1 Sustainability Checklist Process Flowchart. Then, see the additional details on submitting your sustinable development checklist to make sure you have everything you need.

Sustainable Development Checklist Form

Download the interactive checklist form (Stage 1 or Stage 2) that applies to your development proposal. Or, request a copy of the checklist from the Planning and Development Department at Surrey City Hall.

As an applicant, you must fill in all the sections of the Checklist that are applicable to your development proposal. We also encourage you to give us as much information as possible, to assist City Council, staff and advisory bodies in their review of your proposal.

Measuring the Checklist results

The Sustainable Development Checklist is not graded or scored. Instead, it's a qualitative checklist form encompassing broad aspects of sustainability for a range of building and land use types.

There is no "pass mark" or "score" for the checklist — the purpose of the Checklist is to encourage developers to address issues early, and thereby submit proposals which are more sustainable than they would otherwise have been.

Our ultimate aim is to help promote sustainable regeneration in the City. We're doing this through proactive and positive 2-way discussions, following the Sustainability Charter, and consistent with "The Triple Bottom Line" approach to developing land in Surrey.

Purpose of the Sustainable Development Checklist

On April 18, 2011, Council approved a Sustainable Development Checklist to help residents, builders and developers to consider, highlight and develop projects that support the well-being of the community, respect the natural environment, and use less resources and money to operate. We created the checklist to:

  1. Support the Vision, Goals and Actions of the Surrey Sustainability Charter;
  2. Encourage and highlight more sustainable land use and building design;
  3. Provide a consistent "sustainability-focused" review of development applications;
  4. Raise awareness in the development industry of the benefits of applying sustainable "best management practices"; and
  5. Explore and document how and to what extent new developments in Surrey are incorporating sustainable design and technology

We expect the checklist to evolve over time, as we all gain experience in its administration.

View the Council Corporate Report R063  on the Surrey Sustainable Development Checklist.                                                                                 

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