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Storm Drain Marking Challenge

Doing the Challenge one fish at a time!

The Storm Drain Marking Challenge is a chance for the community to paint yellow fish by the roadside drains to help spread the awareness that only rain should go down these drains because they all lead to local streams and creeks. The Challenge starts in the spring and typically lasts for one month. If you want to keep marking year-round, just send us an email at and we'll be happy to get you a kit of storm drain marking supplies.

Have a larger neighbourhood group, class or program that wants to mark storm drains? Sign up through the City's Salmon Tracks program for free presentations, support and supplies. Storm drain marking is a great way to get out in the spring weather and make a lasting change for the environment. When you sign up you also get entered into a draw to win some great prizes!

Storm drain marking locations

There are tens of thousands of storm drains around the City and more than 3550 drains have been marked in past challenges. How do we know which ones are marked and which ones still need to have a yellow fish painted by it? Check out the City's COSMOS storm drain map to see where to plan your storm drain marking route. If you have any problems accessing the storm drain map, please call us at 604-591-4321.

The storm drains show up as red, yellow, or green fish-shaped dots on the map.

  • Green fish dots represent drains that need to be marked
  • Red fish dots represent drains that have been marked
  • Yellow fish dots represent drains that may need to be remarked

Remember to put safety first as you plan your route! Pick only storm drains on streets with low vehicle traffic.

Desktop Computer Instructions: Insert your address to start searching where storm drains are in your neighbourhood.

Mobile Device Instructions: Search either by your address or your current location! Click on 'Slide to Show' and click on 'Layers & Legend' in the list.  Click Infrastructure toggle to 'ON' and zoom in by clicking '+' to show the fish dots on the storm drains.