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ArtWalk App

Art Walk Tourist

Download the ArtWalk app on iTunes or ArtWalk app on Google play on your smartphone and discover public art in Surrey’s City Centre.

Be introduced to the artists and their ideas, locate the nearest artworks, and share them with your friends.

Walk, talk, look, listen and learn about City Centre public art

Have you ever been puzzled by a public sculpture, or wanted to know more about who made it, how they made it, and why they made it? Surrey’s ArtWalk app, launched by the Surrey Art Gallery September 2012, links you to videos, photos and maps to answer your questions on public art in Surrey’s City Centre neighbourhood.

Use Artwalk on your iPhone/iPad or on your Android device to

  • get connected to pictures of art and artists,
  • learn the ideas and processes used to create the artwork,
  • see short video interviews with the artists,
  • share favourite artworks with friends on social media through the star or bookmark, and
  • explore public art in City Centre in English or French, or toggle between the 2 languages.

ArtWalk uses your smartphone’s GPS and geolocation capability to guide you to the nearest artwork. If you’re not in Surrey, use the app to see artworks on the map, and explore all of the functions.

Visit all 11 artworks in City Centre, and then visit the Surrey Art Gallery to receive one of the Gallery’s publications about contemporary art! At the Gallery, you'll discover more digital and interactive art in the TechLab.

The ArtWalk app is a partnership project of the Surrey Art Gallery together with the Surrey Public Art Program and was made possible by the Canadian Heritage Information Network. The project is part of a research initiative designed to advance knowledge of museums and their collections through mobile technologies.

Download ArtWalk on iTunes or ArtWalk on Google play on your smartphone and discover public art in Surrey’s City Centre.

Visit the ArtWalk mobile website.

Flicker Art Media (Aleksandra Dulic & Kenneth Newby), Transience (2010), installation image. Courtesy of the artists, photographed by Sharon Doucette.


Visit Canada’s largest non-commercial urban screen, projecting art after dark.