Sound Thinking Symposium 2014

November 15, 2014

from Sound Thinking 2013

This year's symposium – Conversations in the Field: Sound Biology and Reciprocity – features presentations and performances by sound artists, musicians, and researchers who use sound to actively participate in a 'conversation' within their areas of interest.

Presenters include Open Sound 2014 exhibiting artists Paul Walde, Matt Smith, and Stephanie Loveless.

The keynote speaker is New Mexico-based avant-garde composer David Dunn.

About Sound Thinking

Founded in 2008, Surrey Art Gallery’s Sound Thinking symposium is an annual 1-day event that brings together practitioners and professionals in the field of sound art. The symposium features leading sound artists, scholars and researchers in the field sound studies, along with visual artists who use sound as key components of their practice, and musicians who experiment with the limits of music and sound. Past symposia have addressed subjects as diverse as radiophonic space, sound art installation, new approaches to ethnographic sound, and acoustic ecology.

About Open Sound

Open Sound is an exhibition program developed in 2008 to support the production and presentation of audio art forms as part of contemporary art practice.

Cost: Free

Location: Surrey Art Gallery

Time: Noon - 5:00 PM

Contact: 604-501-5566

Category: Arts

Town Centre: North Surrey