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2014 PARKit Design Challenge Finalists

Gingham Style

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2014 PARKit Design Challenge! We received lots of interest and fantastic submissions. Gingham Style, by Liz Nguyen and Mike Wartman, was awarded up to $15,000 to fabricate and install their design. 

Gingham Style was installed on July 8, 2014 and remained on-site until mid-September. The installation was accompanied by a small pod of food trucks. 

Selected Design

Gingham Style

By Liz Nguyen and Mike Wartman

The classic concept of an outdoor picnic, inspired by the quintessential gingham checkered fabric patternThe concept of ‘Gingham Style’ utilizes a ribbon of red gingham pattern to connect a series of family style picnic tables and a fabric canopy to create a space that plays on the notion of an outdoor picnic. The result is simple, yet creates a warm and inviting social space that will encourage social interaction and outdoor dining.

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Download the Gingham Style Site Plan & Renderings

First Runner-Up


By Nicholas Doering, Alex Honeywell, Joshua McGee, Stephanie Taniguchi and Yan Zang

BLUEM's design centres on the idea of growth, transforming the adjacent SkyTrain pillars into a root structure with an interactive canopy of responsive blue flowers. When visitors activate the recycling bin, the flowers bloom, when they toss trash into the garbage bin, the flowers wilt. BLUEM's creative team are all students at SFU's School of Interactive Art & Technology (SIAT).

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Second Runner-Up


By Chelsea Louise Grant and Steve Gairns

A nod to enjoyable meals 'en plain air,' the pal-at-a-ble submission references the act of enjoying a picnic in the park, creating a variety of opportunities for social engagement. Stacked, recycled palettes create a pixilated, temporary landscape with a series of structures that create seating opportunities interspersed with live plantings and grassy areas.

Review the Pal-at-a-ble submission package

Honourable Mentions

Hang Out

By Hanako Amaya, Nell Gasiewicz, Aline Meylan and Lisa Lang

Inspired by the vacant space created by the SkyTrain guideway, Hang Out offers refuge and a unique way for people to relax in an otherwise busy transit hub. It consists of a matrix of hammocks threaded like ribbons through a light scaffolding structure, emphasizing the verticality of this social space.

Review the Hang Out submission package.


By Zhaleh Moulaei, Sophie Steer & Brendan Hurley

Pelletopia's deliberately modular design offers a space that comfortably and elegantly connects the people of Surrey with their urban centre and to each other. Modular forms on stacked pallets are arranged to create a multitude of social spaces and seating options that create both a visual impact and act as a buffer to protect the spaces from vehicle noise.

Review the Palletopia submission package