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2013 PARKit Design Challenge Finalists

PARKit_winning submission

The 2013 PARKit Design Challenge was the inaugural edition of the design-build component of the PARKit Program. We received many fantastic submissions. Take-Out, the winning submission, was awarded $12,000 to fabricate and install their design.

Take-Out was installed on July 9, 2013 and was on-site until mid-September. It was accompanied by a variety of rotating food trucks. 

Selected Design


By Matthew Thomson, Erika Mashig, Nathan Lee, Trevor Coghill and Frica Construction

The concept of Take-Out is inspired by the simple origami form of a white take-out food container. The design utilizes the take-out boxes as planters and table posts that support eat-in counters, creating a unique, engaging and universal social space perfect for meeting, relaxing and outdoor dining.

Review the Take-Out submission package.

Download the Take-Out Site Plan & Images

First Runner-Up

Spice Market

By Amy Tsang, Carlos Guerrero, Lehran Haché and Bryce Gauthier

Spice Market conceptualizes a place where food comes alive through plants, colours and materials that transform the space into a sensual experience. The design celebrates the culinary diversity that thrives in Surrey, due to its array of languages, cultures and beliefs.

Review the Spice Market submission package

Second Runner-Up

Urban Funk

By Dah-Wea Yan and Grace Lee

Urban Funk seeks to invigorate underutilized and unappreciated urban space in the downtown core of Surrey. The design idea transforms the space into a community focal point using clean, straight lines of funky pink to create a mini-urban oasis where meaningful and spontaneous social interaction can occur.

Review the Urban Funk submission package.

Honourable Mentions


By Mary Wong and Julie Wong

Camp-a-lot builds off the pleasant nostalgia of summer camp, welcoming residents and commuters to serendipitous discovery of parking logs in place of their everyday parking lot. Camp-a-lot serves as an urban meeting place for the lively social interaction and friendly sharing of public space.

Review the Camp-a-lot submission package.

Pipe Dreams

By Megan Walker and Footprint Eco-builders

Pipe Dreams pop-up park is inspired by the surprise and delight of things that pop, including pop up books, bobbles, bubble gum, soda pop and bubble wrap. Utilizing primarily re-purposed PVC piping, the design creates a sense of enclosure, defined spaces and allows for views and circulation in and out of the space.

Review the Pipe Dreams submission package.

Urban Living Room

By Carolyn Kennedy and Paul Dupont

The Urban Living Room celebrates the urban outdoors by inviting the neighbourhood to spend time in an outdoor living room. The space engages passers-by, allowing people to enjoy and explore the paradox of a living room below the SkyTrain tracks.

Review the Urban Living Room submission package.