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Surrey's I AM Game Initiative

Kids in I Am Game program throwing balls in gym

Enjoy Sports For Life

I AM Game is the City of Surrey’s unique approach to fun and inclusive sport programs that promote physical literacy. The goal of the program, developed in partnership with Point 8 Training & Development Inc, is to offer inclusive sport programs designed to enhance physical literacy and prepare participants for lifelong enjoyment of sport and physical activity.

With coaching from qualified instructors, participants practice Fundamental Movement Skills while building confidence, self-esteem and social skills in a fun environment.

I AM Game is one of many Recreation Surrey children and youth initiatives that are highlighted in the Recreation Surrey Children & Youth Year in Review (flipbook opens in new window).

I AM Game Programs

I AM Game Programs are now open for registration, for more information, please see the I AM Game brochure . I AM Game Gym Drop-in time is also held at select Surrey Recreation Centres.

The goals of I AM Game are to:

  • Facilitate skill development and increase sport readiness
  • Promote Respect, Fair Play, Diversity, Inclusion, Teamwork and Leadership
  • Provide fun and safe sport opportunities for all participants
  • Encourage lifelong participation in, and enjoyment of, sport and play

Children stretching at an I Am Game camp

4 Stages of the I AM Game approach

The following stages are based on Canadian Sport for Life’s (CS4L) Long-Term Athlete Development model (LTAD). The model provides the framework for all City of Surrey sport programs.

1. Active Start

Helps everyone enjoy and feel successful in sport. The first step is to play fun activities that focus on basic movement skills. These skills build agility, balance, and coordination which form a strong foundation for a variety of sport skills.

2. FUNdamental

Builds on basic movement skills. Participants begin to practice sport-specific skills and techniques through modified games introducing simple rules, basic strategy and spatial awareness.

3. Learn to Play

After fundamental movement skills and basic sport skills have been instructed in Active Start and FUNdamental programs, this stage focuses on mastery of those skills. It also introduces sport-specific strategies, tactics and introductory levels of game play.

4. Sports For Life

Enjoy playing a variety of sports to further develop your skills and knowledge of game strategies.  Participate in drop-in sports, leagues and tournaments. The focus is on fun, fitness, and social game play with options for multiple skill levels.

I AM Game Programs And Camps

Besides enhancing general sport programs offered in Surrey, I AM Game also exists as a series of specialty programs and camps. The camps focus specifically on physical skill development and promoting positive values.

In addition to First Aid, CPR and 'High Five' certification, I AM Game coaches receive additional training in physical literacy and fundamental movement skills.

 I Am Game coaches holding hoops while children jump through them

I AM Game camps have proven to be successful and well received by participants, parents and coaches.

"I've seen these players grow tremendously over the course of the program. Not only in terms of their skills, but also in the way they interact with the other players. They have learned, through discussions in team huddles and also observation, how important it is to cheer on their team and be an encouraging player. They have also become less concerned with winning as the weeks have progressed. At the beginning of the sessions, that was all that mattered - but now, they have become more in tune to the atmosphere around then as well. It is extremely rewarding to see the progress they have made!" - R. Frederickson, I AM Game Coach