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History of Surrey Civic Treasure Award

Surrey Civic Treasure Award medallion designed by local artist, Joseph Chiang

Image: Civic Treasures Award Medallion designed by local artist, Joseph Chiang.

History of the Surrey Civic Treasure Award

City of Surrey was designated a Cultural Capital of Canada for 2008. One of eight (8) projects identified by the City as part of its Cultural Capital celebrations was the Civic Treasure Award Program.


The purpose of the Civic Treasure Award Program is to:

  • Honour and celebrate individuals who contribute in a significant manner to the cultural sector of Surrey;
  • Enhance the profile of the City of Surrey by demonstrating its commitment to advancing cultural development;
  • Generate greater awareness, interest and support for the arts and heritage;
  • Demonstrate that Surrey values arts and heritage and those people who dedicate their lives to this area;
  • Profile Surrey as a creative cultural centre and encourage tourism; and
  • Promote cross cultural sharing and build awareness, understanding, and community pride.

Design of the Medallion

A local artist, Joseph Chiang, designed a Civic Treasure Award medallion and manufactured fifty (50) of them in 2008.