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The Expo and Championship Experience

The Greater Vancouver Clean Technology Expo and Championship (GVCTEC) is an interactive platform for people to learn about clean technology opportunities. Whether you are a company looking to claim the title of Greater Vancouver’s Clean Technology Champion, or if you are someone exploring opportunities to break into the industry, this event is for you.

Experience for Championship Participants

You will have the opportunity to interact with some of the region’s movers and shakers as well as clean technology investors who are ready to do some deals. If you are a company looking to compete in the championship, be prepared to communicate your technologies value proposition well. Throughout the day, you will also be encouraged to pitch to investors and sell your technology to buyers from across the region. This event is about promoting YOU.

Experience for Investors & Financiers

You too can get in on the championship action. Companies participating in the championship are prepared to pitch their technologies throughout the day. Investors are encourage to connect with the exhibiting companies and explore opportunities with them. However, if the companies are being judged, we ask that you return to the company after they are done giving their pitch.

Experience for Corporate Visitors

The GVCTEC will have plenty of things for you to do and see during the day. From tech demos to attending free workshops, to networking with clean technology companies, you will go home with a richer understanding of one of Canada’s fastest growing industries and hopefully better equipped to realize opportunities in the green economy.

Food Carts

Lunch will be from 12:00pm - 1:00pm and we are pleased to welcome the following 3 food trucks to our plaza outside Surrey City Hall: