Surrey Civic Treasure Award

Council Marvin Hunt congratulates 2012 Civic Treasure Gladys Andreas.

Image: Council Marvin Hunt congratulates 2012 Civic Treasure Gladys Andreas.

The Surrey Civic Treasure Award recognizes and celebrates Surrey’s highest achievers in the cultural sector. The award demonstrates that Surrey values arts and heritage, and those people who achieve success in these fields.

The Civic Treasure Award Program:

  • Honours and celebrates individuals who contribute in a significant manner to the cultural sector of Surrey.
  • Generates greater awareness, interest and support for the arts and heritage.
  • Promotes cross cultural sharing and builds awareness, understanding and community pride.
The 2013 Surrey Civic Treasures.

2013 Civic Treasure Award Recipients

Meet the 2013 Surrey Civic Treasure Award recipients.

Mayor Dianne Watts congratulates 2011 Civic Treasure Lucille Lewis.

Previous Civic Treasure Award Recipients

Find out about our previous Surrey Civic Treasure Award recipients.

2010 Surrey Civic Treasure Award recipient Allan Cleaver.

Civic Treasure Award Recipient Videos

Explore the lives and work of many of Surrey's Civic Treasures through video.

Civic Treasures Award Medallion designed by local artist, Joseph Chiang.

History of Surrey Civic Treasure Award

Learn about the history of the Surrey Civic Treasure Award.

2008 Surrey Civic Treasure award winners (l –r) Stan Clarke (deceased), Stephen Horning, Nadine Gagne, Marc Pelech, Mary Mikelson, Jarnail Singh, Jim Adams, Carol Girardi, Robert Davidson, Dawn Govier Lorne Pearson (deceased), Steven Chitty.

Nominating a Civic Treasure Award Candidate

Nominate a Civic Treasure Award candidate.