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LEGO: A Fraser Valley Odyssey

Explore the Fraser Valley's past, present and future in the Surrey Museum's new 'LEGO: A Fraser Valley Odyssey' exhibition.

LEGO® is back at the Surrey Museum!

LEGO Surrey Museum20,000 years of Fraser Valley history. One million LEGO® bricks. Combine these with the masterminds of the Vancouver LEGO® Club and the result is this uber-cool new exhibit!

Elaborate and whimsical dioramas – the largest covering around 84 square feet – depict the Fraser Valley through the centuries. Imagination allows wooly mammoths to roam receding ice fields in Cloverdale, and colonial Fort Langley is vividly brought to life during the fur trade.

Present-day Surrey includes a large-scale model of Surrey Memorial Hospital, complete with Air Ambulance helicopters on the roof. Nearby, Holland Park’s fountains burble, and the Clova Theatre shows the latest LEGO® Movie.

LEGO caveman and mammothIn the future, oceans rise over suburban rooftops due to global warming, spaceships moor at the Fraser Surrey Docks, highways crumble, and elevators lift people to space in the blink of an eye.

Unleash your own mad genius as you dream up creations with our LEGO stash.

This is part of a series of exhibitions the Surrey Museum has created in partnership with our friends at the Vancouver LEGO® Club. Visit their website to learn more about the world of these AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) and the amazing projects they work on around the Lower Mainland.