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Kids Gallery at Surrey Museum

The sustainability focused Kids Gallery is all about fun! Check out the new interactive elements incorporating the latest theme – water!

Did you know Surrey uses almost 200 million litres of drinking water each day? That's a lot of water! Explore our City's water supply from a kid's point of view in our fully interactive sustainability focused Kids Gallery! Bring the family for free. The kids have fun and learn at the same time!

Illustrated characters Alisha, Blaze and Stella the Jay help kids and their families explore Surrey’s rivers, find out where our water comes from and learn how it arrives at our homes every day.

The popular treefort, farmhouse and many interactives will be even further enhanced by cool water themed interactives, such as:

  • A feature wall covered in clear piping where kids can launch silk scarves through the maze of pipes.

  • A fun wheel to find out how much water is used for each of the many activities in our daily lives.

  • A fully interactive three dimensional cartoon map showing where water comes from, how we treat it, what we do with it and where it goes.

  • A pinball game depicting the water cycle.

Watch for our new theme opening September 27, 2016: Food and Farming