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Kids Gallery at Surrey Museum

The sustainability focused Kids Gallery is all about fun. Check out the latest theme: food!

The Kids Gallery itself is all about interaction. Tossing museum norm on its head, the space is loud and kids are encouraged to touch everything, ultimately learning about sustainability and relating it to their own lives. Picky eaters and junior foodies are now invited to explore green growing and to learn how to reduce food waste.

Illustrated characters Alisha, Blaze and Stella the Jay help kids and their families explore Surrey’s food and farming.  The popular treefort, farmhouse and many interactives will be even further enhanced by food themed interactives, such as:

  • A make believe garden where kids can plant and harvest vegetables, learning about the space required
  • A play greenhouse also open for ‘gardening’ to illustrate the comparison to farms
  • A puzzle in which kids attempt to balance people and food production to build a city that is sustainable