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Newton Town Centre Field Inspection Report

Current inspection date: Thursday, September 14, 2017

CD - Club Discretion
NAP-  Newton Athletic Park

Field Name Status Comments
Bear Creek Oval Open Football Field
Bear Creek Upper Closed Summer Field
Bear Creek South Practice Open  
Bear Creek Field Events Open  
Brookside 8v8 #1 Open North Field
Brookside 8v8 #2 Open South Field
Cambridge 8v8 Open  
Chimney Heights 8v8 #1 Open North Field
Chimney Heights 8v8 #2 Open South Field
Cougar Creek Closed Summer Field
Cougar Creek Mini Closed Summer Field
Enver Creek 8v8 Open  
Goldstone #1 Open West Field
Goldstone #2 Open East Field
Kabbadi Park Closed Summer Field
NAP Mini #1 Closed Summer Field
NAP Mini #2 Open  
NAP Mini #3 Open South of NAP 8v8 #4
NAP 8v8 #4 Open West of Synthetic Field #3
NAP #5 Closed Summer Field
NAP #6 Closed Summer Field
NAP #7 Closed Summer Field
NAP #8 Open  
NAP #9 Open  
NAP #10 Open  
NAP #11 Open  
Princess Margaret Gravel Field Open  
Strawberry Mini Open  
Strawberry Regulation Closed Summer Field
Sullivan Heights 8v8 Open  
Sullivan Heights Cricket Closed  
Sullivan Heights Rugby Open  
Tamanawis Mini Open  
Unwin Mini Open Kinvig
Unwin East Open  
Unwin West Open  
West Newton Cricket Closed