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Canada 150: What We Bring

Find out what life was life for Surrey settlers 150 years ago with this exhibit.

Over the past 150 years, Surrey has become home for many new immigrants. This new Community Treasures exhibit celebrates Surrey’s stories of immigration with a display of what people brought with them from their original homelands.

Whether traveling by horse and cart, arriving on a ship with chests full of precious objects or flying on an airplane with only a suitcase, people had to choose only a few things to bring with them.

What We Bring showcases such objects from the Surrey Museum collection, as well as items from Surrey community members who have come forth to share their journeys. Including objects from various ethnicities and classes, museum goers can expect to see a range of both practical and sentimental.

1 in 5 Canadians was born in another country–the highest proportion in the northern hemisphere (2011 Canada Census). What We Bring is an insight into our fellow Canadians.

"The exhibit will have you asking yourself what you would bring." – Collen Sharpe, Curator