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Summer Art Making in City Centre

Sumi Ink Club

Summer Art Making in City Centre


Various locations

Dates & Times:

July 3-31 (Various Times)

Sean Bindra

Arts Community Youth

City Centre


Presented by:

Community Art

Hang out. Make art. Discover the power of sharing creativity. Each week we are featuring a different art project with a local artist. Come and explore different materials and make friends along the way. No previous art skills required. All are welcome.

The above image shows the Sumi Ink Club. This is a collaborative drawing project will be at Central City Mall Plaza on July 3.

Date Time Location Project Description
Jul 3 12-4pm Central City Mall Plaza Sumi Ink Club + Weaving a Web of CDs Work alongside Karen Cancino to add to an ever-expanding quilt made out of CDs. Also, pick up a brush and add your mark to our group drawing.
Jul 10 12-4pm Central City Mall Plaza Braiding a Giant Friendship Bracelet Hang out in Tin Can Studio's vintage mobile art studio and learn macramé techniques to create a giant bracelet.
Jul 11 5:30-9:00pm Surrey Art Gallery Art Together's Sizzling Art Bash Head to the Gallery for a summer art party with music and a wide variety of group art projects.
Jul 20 12-4pm Holland Park Sun Prints Harness the power of the sun to create cyanotype prints that explore shapes in nature.
Jul 29 12-4pm Cental City Mall Plaza Sculpt the Future of Surrey in Clay Get your hands dirty with Amelia Butcher. Transform a table coverd in clay into a landscape of the future.
Jul 31 12-4pm City Centre Library Erasure Poetry + Button Poems Connect with Surrey's Poet Laureate Renée Sarojini Saklikar and tear up old books to create new poems.