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Urban Fabric: Patterns of Our Lives

Hosted by partner Guildford Town Centre, the exhibit represents defining life moments thru fabric.

As Canada celebrates 150 years as a nation, Urban Fabric: Patterns of our Lives offers glimpses into a century of urban life in Surrey. Like fabric, life patterns also consist of individual strands that are woven together over time. These strands include the routines, rituals, and special occasions that determine who we will become. Single threads unite when woven and in joining become an object of strength and beauty. Likewise each of our lives forms a strand in a stronger, more beautiful community.

While we may not often think about how the clothes we wear today will define an entire decade of our lives, looking back it is easy to see that colours, patterns, and materials mark specific time periods.  Styles change to suit our age, our lifestyle, our interests and our culture. Fabrics themselves, like people, are products of the era in which they are created. They silently speak of the places they’ve been, and the places they want to go.

From finger prints to foot prints, human life is filled with patterns. The six cases on display each celebrate a pattern in the tapestry of time. You are invited to discover the treasures, stories, and people that have woven Surrey’s urban fabric.

What to Expect

Visitors will experience a balance of historical Surrey artifacts and archival photos in union to represent different themes from six time periods from 1880-1980.