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Reminisce Kits

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An Interactive Program for Seniors

Museum staff encourage lively discussions and trigger fond memories with these outreach programs for seniors. Artifacts, newspaper clippings, photographs and music from the early 20th century will bring back recollections and encourage sharing. Kits are available for rent by long term care facilities, community groups and clubs. For information about themes or to book a session, call 604-592-6956.

Tuesday to Saturday
Ages: 55+
Cost: $75

"Residents at The Harrison are extremely engaged with the variety of objects and mementos brought in by the staff.  The staff work together with us to choose a theme which coordinates with our monthly calendar.  The reminiscing that occurs with our residents during the museum visits is non-stop! The rem kits have become such a beneficial and meaningful program that we have them at least 9 months of the year." Carol Wittal


  1. Leisure Time - Take a stroll back in time as you share R & R memories of  ice skating on the pond, fishing in the ocean and playing board games in the kitchen.
  2. Home Life - Butter churns, washboards and sock darners are a few of the artifacts that we will use to explore memories that make a house into a home.
  3. School Days - Revisit old school memories as you touch artifacts, examine archival photos and try on a dunce cap.
  4. Vintage Vacations - Pack up your suitcase and take a trip down memory lane as you explore popular vacation spots and activates.
  5. Celebrations - Relive past festivities as multi-cultural celebrations are explored by using artifacts from 1920-1950s.

Key Benefits

  • Provide an opportunity for seniors who struggle with memory loss or dementia to recall stories or memories as they connect with artifact, smell, photograph or archival materials.
  • Bring the museum’s collection to the community, enhancing feelings of connectivity among participants.
  • Give an opportunity for those with memory loss to share their expertise and experience affirmation.

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