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Land Songs, Water Songs / Chants de terre, Chants d'eau

Experience a multimedia artwork centered around drums.

Created from raw materials and played by numerous cultures, drums are instruments that build connections with environment, territory, and history. They are made to be held, to connect with the body. Hands move and manipulate the materials to make worlds. Drums are heartbeats from which songs are born.

Combining ceramic drum hoops, drum heads made from elk skin and deer skin, drawings made from clay sourced from Semiahmoo traditional territory, and other found organic materials, the artists will work in partnership with local First Peoples to integrate dreams, stories, and their own ancestries to realize a new multimedia art installation. Coté and Morin join forces with musician Ziya Tabbassian to consider the sonic system of the drum, the land, and bodies of water to become an interface for culture, language, and story. Part of our Open Sound 2018 program.

Curator: Jordan Strom:
Origin of Exhibition: Surrey Art Gallery

Image credit: From left to right: Peter Morin, Marie Côté, and Ziya Tabbassian. Photo of Ziya Tabbassian by Guy L'Heureux.