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Royal Victorian Party

May 22, 2016

Morris Dancers at Historic Stewart Farm

Have a Jolly Good 'Royal' Time

Party like it’s 1845! Be part of Queen Victoria’s royal visit celebrating her birthday.  Our impersonator queen will cut birthday cake and grace visitors with selfies and royal portraits. Waist coats and feathered hats are encouraged but not mandatory. Subjects attending the free, all ages family friendly event are invited to:

  • Watch the Vancouver Morris Men perform their colourful and lively dances. Also set to perform are their female dance troupe counterparts, the Tiddley Cove Morris dancers and the fabulous Little Mountain Step n Clog.
  • Revel in the reels of the Brigadoon Scottish Highland dance group.
  • Create a bejeweled crown and craft a scepter fit for royalty.
  • The Honey Bee Centre will be celebrating all things royal by presenting a workshop on “Queen Bee"
  • Take a turn and churn ice cream the old fashioned way.
  • Play croquet, make bubbles and hula hoop on the farmhouse lawn.
  • Take a moment to relax on the veranda while sipping lemonade and indulging in a slice of birthday cake with ice cream.
  • Enjoy a family picnic on the scenic grounds.

Location: Stewart Farm House, 13723 Crescent Rd

Time: Noon - 3:00 PM

Contact: 604-592-6956

Category: Heritage Kids and Family

Town Centre: South Surrey