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Adopt-A-Street Volunteer Program

Show your civic pride!

The Adopt-A-Street program is a litter cleanup program that you can join to show your civic pride and make Surrey an even better community to live in. The program encourages businesses, community groups, schools, block clubs and other parts of the community to work together with the City of Surrey to help keep our environment clean and beautiful.

Your group can “adopt” a specific site or section of road, pledging to keep it free of trash and debris. As a participant, you'll work under the guidance of the Engineering Operations division.

We'll get you set up with Clean City information kits, including safety guidelines and basic litter pick up equipment. We will even acknowledge your volunteer group's efforts with a personalized Adopt-A-Street sign along your adopted street!

Registering for Adopt-a-Street

  1. See the full details on the program and supplies and review the rules and guidelines in our registration packages:

    Individuals & Families Registration Package
    Business & Organization Registration Package

  2. To order a registration package to be mailed to you, send your request to or call 604-590-7272.

  3. Go to Adopt-a-Street in COSMOS to check if the street you are wishing to adopt is available (streets currently adopted are green).

  4. Fill out, sign, and send the registration forms to us via:

    • Email:
    • Fax:  604-591-7836
    • Or mail them to:

      City of Surrey
      Engineering Operations - Adopt-A-Street Program
      6651 148 Street
      Surrey, BC
      V3S 3C7
  5. After we receive your application, our Adopt-A-Street Coordinator will contact you to complete the registration process, provide you with supplies, and welcome you on board as an official member of the Surrey Adopt-A-Street Program.

Ordering supplies

If your volunteer group requires more supplies, please let us know by submitting a request. You can also email us at or reach us by phone at 604-590-7272.

Disposing of materials

To request collection of yellow bags that do not fit into your garbage cart or dumpster, or to report illegally dumped materials, make a request online, 24 hours a day using the Report a Problem graphic, or call the City of Surrey’s Service Request line at 604-591-4152.

Clean-up Reports

After you perform a clean-up, make sure to submit a clean-up report to keep us up to date on your activity!

Recycling alternatives

Provincial Take-Back programs divert many products that are hazardous to the environment. For more information visit Rethink Waste Alternative Disposal and Recycling or call BC Recycling Hotline at 604-732-9253.


Returning Extra Supplies

If your two year commitment has ended and you are no longer willing or able to volunteer with the Adopt-A-Street Program please let us know so we can make your road section available for adoption again. We can also find a new home for any clean-up supplies that you no longer need. If you drop the supplies off at our location (Engineering Public Works Yard located at 6645 148 Street Mon-Fri 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM) we will be happy to find new uses for them. Together we can save resources and reduce waste!

Thank you for your support and for considering the environment!

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