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Early Years Age 0 to 5

kids in safety goggles playing with hammers

Preschool Open House - 2016-2017

Come meet our vibrant staff, tour our diverse facilities and learn why the City of Surrey is the best choice for yearlong preschool.

Preschool Options

Specific courses will be viewable on our website on February 15 or call/drop by any facility to discuss options after this date. Registration will begin during Preschool Early Registration.

Preschool Early Registration - 2016-2017

Our Preschool Early Registration started March 3, 2016  at 8:30am and is ongoing.

Register by phone, online or at any Surrey Parks, Recreation and Culture facility. Registration fills up quickly so consider registering immediately to secure your spot.

Get to Know our Preschool Programs

Why Choose the City of Surrey?

  • Quality - The City of Surrey was a recipient of a 2014 Province of BC Child Care Award of Excellence for our licensed preschools.
  • Cost - Our hourly rate for care is among the lowest in the city. We also have options for child care subsidy and provide monthly payment plans.
  • Reach - We are the largest child care provider in Surrey serving over 900 preschool students annually.
  • Choice - We offer over 85 preschool programs at 23 unique sites across 6 different town centres.
  • Staff - We employ over 90 high quality certified Early Child Educators to lead our exciting, reflective program.

Preschool 2016-2017 - Who is it for?

Our licensed preschools are available for children aged 3-5. All children must be either 3 or 4 years old by December 31, 2016.

  • Preschool Social Recreation (age 3-5)
  • Pre-Kindergarten (age 4-5)

When Does It Run?

Preschool is available on a yearlong basis from September to June. There are also some programs delivered on a seasonal basis and throughout summer months.

There are several options ranging from:

  • 1-3 times per week
  • 2-5 hours per day
  • Morning and Afternoon

What is your program focus?

Our preschool programs are based on a responsive curriculum, supported by the British Columbia Early Learning Framework.

With responsive curriculum, the educator develops the program based as they listen and observe your child in play. In this education style, your child becomes part of an engaged, reflective program that is based on their interests.

Responsive Curriculum builds independence and self-confidence. It encourages creativity, promotes sharing and problem solving, aids in concept building and guides speech and language development.

Our educators are dedicated to developing each child's social, emotional, physical, creative, communication, literacy and cognition skills.

Can I access financial assistance?

Financial Assistance is available through Child Care Subsidies  for licensed programs.

Where can I find out more about your Preschool Programs?

Learn about the benefits of responsive curriculum, and the City of Surrey's Preschool program philosophy, in our Early Years Preschool Parent Handbook.


Other Preschool Programs in the City of Surrey

Choose a preschool program that gives your child, 0 to age , an opportunity to explore the world around them.

  • Preschool Registered Programs are shorter programs that run seasonally and generally range from 1-2 hours.
  • Parent Participation Programs invite parents to engage with their children for social recreation activities.
  • Preschool Camps are programs that run during the summer, spring break and winter break.

Preschool Registered ProgramsParent Participation (ages 0-6 years) or Preschool (ages 3 to 5)

Programs meet the growth and development needs of children aged 0 to 6. These programs encourage and support your child's learning and independence.

Our programs include

  • Sports
  • Camps
  • Crafts
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Theme events
  • Preschool Social Recreation
  • Pre-Kindergarten

Search for the upcoming preschool registered programs in your community, including the themed One-Day Wonders.

Drop-In Parent Participation Programs: Stay & Play / Preschool Play Day

Drop in together with your child, for a positive play and learning experience supervised by qualified and caring staff.

Guided activities may include:

  • parachute games
  • ride-on toys
  • music and movement
  • active games

You will have the opportunity to meet new friends and neighbours, share ideas with other parents, and have fun with your child!