Friends Of The Forest

man and child planting trees

Become a Friend of the Forest to care for Surrey's environment, and protect and enhance our community. 

Our volunteers include individuals, families, neighbours, community groups, and schools. Join us, and get started with the online application.

Friends of the Forest volunteer activities 

We're part of many stewardship activities to help our park natural areas. We do many activities around Surrey:

  • Plant native trees and shrubs
  • Remove invasive plants
  • Clean up litter and yard waste
  • Remove graffiti from trees
  • Give out information to neighbours
  • Watch for vandalism, and notify Parks staff.

Friends of the Forest improve natural areas

A natural area is parkland that has been left to grow as nature allows with minimal development or structures. It contains native trees and vegetation, and is used by wildlife for habitat. Man and girl building birdhouse

Examples of natural areas:

  • Forests
  • Marshes 
  • Meadows

Often these areas are abused through illegal dumping of yard waste and garbage. As a result, natural areas can become degraded and overgrown with invasive and unwanted plants.

How to get involved

Register as an individual or a group to become a Friends of the Forest volunteer. Surrey Parks staff will work with you to find a suitable project in a park near you, and provide you with training, equipment, and support.

Recruitment for Friends of the Forest is now closed and will re-open on May 1st. If you are interested, please complete the online applicationand you will be contacted when recruitment re-opens.

For more information, email, or call us at 604-501-7690.

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