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Emergency Social Services Volunteer Program

ESS Volunteers

Volunteer with the Emergency Social Services Program, part of the Provincial Emergency Response Program and help people affected by an emergency or disaster.

ESS volunteers are outstanding members of our community who focus on helping their neighbours in the event of an emergency or disaster, like apartment floods or fires.
Our volunteers possess qualities that separate them from the rest of the crowd; they are caring, thoughtful, giving in nature, and promote feelings of family and belonging amongst the volunteers.

Joining the ESS team

As an ESS Volunteer Responder, you are part of the City of Surrey team, who are ready to be called out at any time of the day or night to respond to the needs of people affected by an emergency.
You'll work with our team to provide referral services for supplies like shelter, food, clothing and other essential needs.

ESS Volunteer Positions

ESS On-Call Reception Centre Responder:

ESS On-Call Reception Centre Responder volunteers are critical players in emergency response as they help care for members of the community by providing immediate services after a disaster or emergency- like family reunification, registration, meet and greet, and referrals – on behalf of the EMBC and the SEP. These services are supplied for up to 72 hours after an emergency. This is an on‐call position that provides volunteers with specialized training and requires ongoing commitment. Age: 16+ [Under 18, parental approval required].

ESS Emergency Preparedness Champion (flexible role):

ESS volunteers are also given the opportunity to promote and generate awareness within their community around emergency preparedness. Whether you are a member of a special club, a leader in your religious group or seniors group, on your strata committee, or a on a sports team, you can become an Emergency Preparedness Champion and help ensure your family, friends, and neighbours are all prepared in the event of an earthquake, flood, fire, or severe storm. This opportunity is flexible based on your skills, interests, trainings, and vision for Emergency Preparedness. This role is not on-call, but is ongoing. We will support this role by offering trainings, marketing materials, and information on being prepared. Age: 14+

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