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Kwomais Lodge & Sanford Hall

Kwomais Lodge in South Surrey.

Address and contact information

1367 - 128 Street, Surrey BC
For facility rentals see the rental information brochure or please call the Kensington Prairie Community Centre at 604-592-2606.  For registered program information, call the South Surrey Recreation Centre at 604-592-6970.

Admissions & Passes Fees

There are 3 ways to find programs in South Surrey:

About Kwomais Lodge and Sanford Hall

Kwomais Lodge and Sanford Hall are our newly renovated heritage facilities in Kwomais Point Park. Nestled on the water’s edge and situated amongst swaying cedars and eagles nests, Kwomais Point Park offers a unique and tranquil environment for health and wellness programs.

Other course offerings include parent participation, preschool, children and youth arts, wellness, and music programs.