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Surrey 2014 Municipal Election Results

These results are the cumulative results from across the City for mayor, councillors and school trustees. See the signed official declaration of election results (PDF will open in new window). 

You can also see the breakdown of votes by location

Mayoral Candidates

Linda Hepner

50782 votes

Doug McCallum

28010 votes

Barinder Rasode

21335 votes

Grant Rice

1764 votes

John Edwards

1106 votes

Vikram Bajwa

737 votes

John Wolanski

479 votes

Councillor Candidates

Tom Gill

52338 votes

Judy Villeneuve

49210 votes

Barbara Steele

44469 votes

Mary Martin

43937 votes

Bruce Hayne

41877 votes

Dave Woods

41167 votes

Mike Starchuk

40181 votes

Vera LeFranc

37597 votes

Rina Gill

28100 votes

Michael Bose

27178 votes

Kal Dosanjh

26970 votes

Justin Thind

24514 votes

Beau Simpson

19959 votes

Laurie Guerra

18533 votes

Narima Dela Cruz

18075 votes

Brian Young

17491 votes

Darlene Bowyer

15877 votes

Brenda Locke

15854 votes

Maz Artang

14254 votes

Merv Bayda

14055 votes

Saira Aujla

12537 votes

Jim McMurtry

9502 votes

Stephen Gammer

9433 votes

Cliff Blair

9182 votes

Nav Dhanoya

9011 votes

Tanvir Tanni Bhupal

8913 votes

Gary Hoffman

8281 votes

Martin Rooney

7713 votes

Rita Elvins

7613 votes

Fiona Dionne

5714 votes

James Duncan

5612 votes

Shawn Francis

5588 votes

Rick Scorsese

3368 votes

Obi Canuel

2872 votes

Touraj Ghanbar-zadeh

1411 votes

School Trustee Candidates

Laurie Larsen

49443 votes

Bob Holmes

46144 votes

Shawn Wilson

45933 votes

Garry Thind

45426 votes

Terry Allen

44130 votes

Gary Tymoschuk

41519 votes

Jonathan Silveira

21390 votes

Sukhy Dhillon

18366 votes

Charlene Dobie

17256 votes

Kirsty Peterson

16072 votes

Balraj Atwal

14630 votes

Bal Sabharwal

14519 votes

Harman Singh

13787 votes

Rayman Bhuller

13257 votes

Patricia Enair

12020 votes

Sara Sharma

11334 votes

Rina Diaz

10611 votes

Julie Tapley

10363 votes

Forrest Smith

9657 votes

Sikandar Hayat

9549 votes

Niovi Patsicakis

9216 votes

David Matta

8164 votes

Nicole Joliet

7062 votes