How To Vote

Find out if you're able to vote, how to register and what to do on general election day.

Casting Your Ballot

Download the 2014 Voter's Guide in English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), FarsiFrench, Korean or Punjabi.

The City of Surrey uses the Provincial Voters List from Elections BC. If you are registered as a provincial voter with a Surrey address, you are already on the voters list for the City of Surrey.
To find out if you are on the list, call Elections BC toll-free at 1-800-661-8683.

Registration Deadline

The deadline for advance registration with Elections BC for the 2014 election was September 23, 2014.
After this date, voters were able to register both at an Advance Poll or on General Voting Day.

To register at the voting location, voters were required to bring specific identification needed to vote.

When to Vote

All voting locations are open 8am to 8pm on General Voting Day November 15th.

Accessible Elections

One of the most important mandates of the Chief Election Officer is to ensure that elections are accessible to all.

People who have a physical disability, illness, or injury that affects their ability to vote at another voting opportunity may request to vote using a mail-in ballot. In addition, on general voting day and on advance voting days, people may request curb-side voting, which is a service whereby an elector may vote in their car with the assistance of an election official, provided the elector is able to drive to or be driven to their designated voting place.

If an elector requires assistance to translate, read, or mark a ballot, there are election officials on site that may available to help, or they can have another person assist them in the voting booth.

For residents of care facilities who are not be able to attend a voting place on general voting day, arrangements can be made with the facilities staff to provide an appropriate alternative.